BOSTON MAGAZINE: “Boston Uber and Lyft Drivers Will Join an All-Day Strike on Wednesday, May 8”


“A group of Uber and Lyft workers in Boston are hoping you’ll turn off the apps for a full day on Wednesday, May 8, when they plan to join cities around the country in a strike.

The Boston Independent Drivers Guild, an organization formed last summer, says it is asking drivers to stay off the clock for a full 24 hours beginning at midnight, and asked riders to support them by not hailing rides using the services during that time. Similar strikes are planned in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Washington, D.C., ahead of Uber’s planned initial public offering on Thursday.

“The sweat of these drivers is what’s funding the IOP,” says Felipe Martinez, of the Guild’s board of directors, in a phone interview. “They’re gonna be giving the profits to investors from the sweat of the drivers, and we feel that’s unfair when they keep lowering our pay.”

The Guild plans to stage a protest outside an Uber office at 168 Broadway in Saugus from 12-3 p.m.”


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