PRESS RELEASE: BIDG Endorses Sen. Bernie Sanders for President

Today, the Boston Independent Drivers Guild (BIDG) announced its endorsement of Sen. Bernie Sanders for President. 

BIDG representative Felipe Martinez issued the following statement:

“As rideshare drivers in the Boston area, we have seen drivers’ conditions continue to worsen. Many drivers are sleeping in their cars, struggling to feed their families, and working seven days a week. Many rideshare drivers have been targeted by the racist agenda of the current Republican administration. Meanwhile, the centrist Democrats have continued to side with corporations while serving as the left-flank of the billionaire class.

Only a mass movement that unites working-class and poor people, young people and students, labor unions, social justice organizers and activists, and marginalized and oppressed people from across this country and around the world is capable of taking on the rule of the billionaire class. 

Only one candidate for President of the United States is using their campaign to build a movement of these communities, and only one candidate for President of the United States has a decades-long record of fighting effectively and unequivocally for these communities. We endorse Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign as the best way forward for rideshare drivers and all working class people.”


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