Press Advisory: Boston Rideshare Drivers To Rally At State House To Keep Prop 22 Out of Massachusetts

Drivers to MA legislators: “Back the drivers’ bill, not Uber’s bill”

BOSTON, MA — Tomorrow, Boston-area rideshare drivers will rally at the Massachusetts State House to tell legislators to oppose Uber and Lyft’s efforts to bring California’s disastrous Prop 22 to Massachusetts. The bill proposed by Uber and Lyft, “An Act Establishing A Portable Benefit Account for App Based Drivers” (HD2582), would keep drivers’ rates well below minimum wage and deny crucial rights to drivers throughout the state.

In contrast, the bill proposed by Boston Independent Drivers Guild, “An Act Establishing a Rideshare Driver Bill of Rights” (SD2359), would improve driver pay and grant drivers workers’ rights regardless of employment classification. Read more about the Rideshare Driver Bill of Rights here

What: Rally to Keep Prop 22 Out of Massachusetts

Who: Boston Independent Drivers Guild

When: Thursday, March 4, 2021 at 1pm ET

Where: Massachusetts State House

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