BIDG Adopts Rideshare Drivers Bill of Rights

At its October Membership Meeting last week, the Boston Independent Drivers Guild passed a 10-part Rideshare Drivers Bill of Rights. This platform will be the basis for BIDG’s legislative action, as we fight to take on Uber and Lyft through the Massachusetts state legislature. Now BIDG is organizing to turn this platform into Massachusetts law. Continue reading “BIDG Adopts Rideshare Drivers Bill of Rights”

Why We Need a Rideshare Drivers’ Bill of Rights

By Henry De Groot, Executive Director of BIDG Every rideshare driver has their share of complaints about driving for Uber and Lyft. Even if you’ve never been unfairly de-activated, you know about the cuts in pay, the abuse from passengers, the poor driver support, and the ways the TNCs are constantly trying to cheat drivers,Continue reading “Why We Need a Rideshare Drivers’ Bill of Rights”