PRESS RELEASE: Members of Boston Independent Drivers Guild (BIDG) Drive Voters to Polls on Super Tuesday

Rideshare drivers volunteer to bring residents in need of transportation to their voting locations

BOSTON, MA — Today, members of the Boston Independent Drivers Guild (BIDG) transported residents of the greater Boston area to their voting locations to vote in the Massachusetts State Primary. The BIDG members, who endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders for President in November 2019, participated through Massachusetts for Bernie’s Ride to the Polls program.

“Many rideshare drivers in the Boston area are sleeping in their cars, struggling to feed their families, and working seven days a week, all while centrist Democrats continue to side with the corporations making conditions worse for us,” stated Henry De Groot, Executive Director of BIDG. “We’re with Bernie because we know that only a mass movement that unites working-class and poor people, young people and students, labor unions, social justice organizers and activists, and marginalized and oppressed people from across this country is capable of taking on the rule of the billionaire class. We believe that every person in Massachusetts who is eligible to vote should be able to vote, and every ride we give to someone in need is a step towards winning the future we deserve.”

“Bernie 2020 is focused on driving high voter turnout today, and BIDG is helping us to achieve that — literally,” said Director of Northeast States Shannon Jackson. “This election is about working people standing together to take back our democracy. Our movement is defined by solidarity and people-powered organizing, and that’s exactly what BIDG is showing today.”

With the help of BIDG drivers, the Sanders campaign was able to offer a ride to 100% of voters who requested one through the Drive To The Polls program.

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